The ENERTAINER ® ENERGY GmbH is a union of small business which have bundled up her competence and resources to be able to offer the greatest possible use togethe in this subject, technically and technological to customers.

To be able to use water not only as a resource of the life, but increasingly also for the electric power production decentralised in small water power arrangements with lasting effect and ecologically, our engineers and engineers develop and test innovative solutions for new energy production and water power arrangements as for example to the ENERTAINER ® and the River Rider ®.

Beside services like support with proceeding relating to permission, hydraulic engineering planning, static calculations we offer to our customers a fullness of technical services of the project engineering, research and development up to the prototype construction. Besides, our uppermost maxims are the reliability, quality, efficiency and economic efficiency of our achievements.


Sandtorstrasse 23
D-39106 Magdeburg

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